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Domaine Chandon’s rare grapes

Here’s a great article about some of the more unusual grapes used by Domaine Chandon in their sparkling wines!

13 Reasons to Drink More Wine

Like anyone needs a reason to drink more wine right?

Just in case you do, take a look at this link for the possible health benefits of drinking more.

Are you drinking champagne all wrong?

Still looking for a New Year’s resolution you might actually keep? Take a look at this (slightly controversial) look at how you’ve been drinking wine all wrong. Is it time to say no to the classic champagne flute?

Chillout Travel Visits Soumah Winery

At Chillout Travel, we are thrilled to now be visiting Soumah on our public Yarra Valley Winery Tour! Soumah is one of the Yarra Valley’s true hidden gems and is tucked away down a small country road.

The name Soumah is an acronym which means South of the Maroondah (Highway) and the winery is the initiative […]

Kathleen Quealy – Legend of the Vine

Congratulations to Kathleen Quealy being named Legend of the Vine!

Quealy’s make beautiful wines in a fantastic location. And best of all, those who visit the cellar door often get to meet her!