Easter Eggs

“The Easter Bunny has some help,

to deliver treats this year.

Just a little something extra,

to spread the Easter cheer.

In our Giant Barrel Hall,

a hunt that is like no other.

Rummage through our pallet stacks,

to find wine for your mother.

Or brother… or other.”

One Long Weekend Only…

Thu 28 March to Monday 1 April.

(Thu 4-7pm, Fri-Mon 11- 6pm)

Innocent Bystander
336 Maroondah Hwy
Healesville VIC 3777


“With happiness in mind, we say don’t just embrace chocolate this Easter, come to our place, stock up at the barrel hall sale and enjoy a pizza or two, alongside the wine, cheese, coffee, pastries and our famous sourdough. As long as it makes you happy.

We’ll be open from 8am to 10pm every day of Easter. Good Friday however will be Moscato, fizz and Bloody Mary-free over breakfast as alcohol cannot be served before midday. Make sure your spot is reserved before you arrive by booking online or call us on (03) 5962 6111.

This is your chance to also enjoy our Hot Cross Buns, baked daily at the winery. These are a treat within themselves, so much so that Tim White from the Australian Financial Review stated once that ‘with a judicious dab of creamy butter, they are a breakfast ode to gastronomic joy’. Now that’s happiness right there. See you soon.”

[Sourced Wed 27 March – Innocent Bystander Newsletter]

If you can’t make the above then book a Yarra Valley Winery Tour with Chillout Travel Winery Tours and let us know you would like to visit the fabulous Innocent Bystander and we will organise that for you!  Please click here for more tour information – Yarra Valley Winery Tour Private.