After experiencing such a hot and dry summer this year, the beginning of autumn and the approach of winter brings with it a real sigh of relief.

Other than being able to actually sleep at night there’s one other major reason to look forward to winter; cool-weather wines.

Cold nights mean that it’s so much easier to enjoy richer wines that have fuller bodies and can be served at room temperature. If you are like us, then perhaps you also like to indulge that little bit more during winter; after all it will be months before anyone will see you in a bathing suit. This means it’s a perfect time to actually enjoy yourself with some delicious comfort food.

Winter casseroles and roasts are much heavier and fattier meals than those we have during summer and they don’t work too well with light, acidic or very sweet wines.

With all that in mind we think this list is a good place to start when thinking about what wines you need to keep stocked for the colder months.